Real Estate Smart Data Room and Deal Platform, with Blockchain certification.

With AREX DOMUS we take control of your entire portfolio and reduce the transaction time of your assets.

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Deal Workflow Automation

AREX Domus eliminates the manual tasks in your workflow, to create a more agile and goal oriented environment.

Through our platform you can help your team and all third parties involved in the transaction work together with clear personalized tasks and access assigned to each contributor, helping you speed up the transaction preparation time. Thanks to our prearranged templates depending on the type of deal, you can save time on manual work.

You can intuitively manage the access of your internal and external collaborators, assign tasks and due dates. There is no need to search for a specific document in the data room, you can access and share documents from the team tasks section or directly through the predictive search engine.


Documents Secure Data Storage

Access a secure, structured and reliable virtual data room. Collect and manage all due diligence documents for each transaction in a centralized location. Share documents with internal and external contribuitors in a secure and blockchain encrypted manner.

We provide you with a template with the documents required for the sale of your CRE asset, which you can download to your desktop or use the Drag and Drop feature for every file. We also offer a DIY solution with a bulk upload option.

Arex Domus integrates an official registration system in the Blockchain. Take advantage of the security and transparency of the blockchain technology to create a set of verified documents .



Integrated Communication

Communicate with internal and external deal participants effortlessly using an integrated secure and advanced messaging tool.

  • Communicate and process in one place.

  • Comment and answer about the individual elements of the checklist. Upload documents to specific elements of the checklist.

  • Prevent details from slipping through cracks by linking communications with each task and relevant checklist document.


Team Management

Manage the user accounts of the company and the different access levels. Organize teammates with an easy-to-use team management functionality.

Organize third party access and assign individual tasks without compromising private information.

Access communications and documents related to agreements exchanged with teammates and collaborators at any time.


Transaction Toolkit

Invite potential buyers into the platform and manage their permissions and access to the Data room during different stages of the deal.

Organize the bidding phase with our easy-to-use CRM functionality, designed specifically for real estate investment. Present your teasers in a more innovative and secure way. Sign online NDAs and complete the transaction online.

Access all communications and documents related to agreements exchanged with teammates and investors at any time


Highest standards of security

Our mission is to provide the highest standards of security, compliance and data protection to all our customers:

  • ISO 27001/27018

  • SOC 1, SOC 2 & SOC 3 certifications



  • RGPD

Our solution that allows you to maintain total control over the encryption keys that protect your content. It will allow you to:

  • Complete and independent control over your encryption keys

  • No impact on user experience

  • Unchangeable audit log of key usage

  • Ability to control access to content immediately

  • Physical and legal separation between encryption keys and content

Highest standards of security


The perfect tool for your company

Our platform is designed to fit right into your working habits. We integrate different services which you are accustomed to working with such as Excel, Gmail, Outlook, Box, etc. to make it a seamless transition.

AREX has developed this tool with our expertise and knowledge of your day to day, in order to remove many of the manual and inefficient processes in the transaction process.

Join us in reinventing the Real Estate market!


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