The best fintech and insurtech projects in the world (From Emprendedores)

Of the one hundred projects chosen in the latest edition of South Summit, ten belong to the Fintech and insurtech vertical. They are the ten best projects in this sector, they have been chosen for their innovation and disruption in financial services or insurance and will be presented to investors from October 2 to 4 in the Madrid space La Nave.


It is a project that aims to solve the problems of low liquidity and global accessibility in real estate markets, allowing both companies and investors to process their assets globally. It uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to certify, analyze and store documents and digital identifications that will later serve to create the foundations of an international real estate market as liquid and efficient as stock markets are today.


It is a videoperitation platform. It provides a complete package of visual intelligence to avoid fraud in traditional claims management processes, reducing high operating costs. Only with a Smartphone and without the need for an application, you can start a video call or receive photos, guaranteeing that it was taken at the time and place of the incident thanks to its blockchain technology.

Change Labs

It is an Israeli AI company that helps financial institutions improve the financial health of their clients. Monitor bank accounts and credit cards closely, identifying behavioral patterns and predicting immediate financial problems and opportunities to allow banks to proactively address these events with their existing banking services.


It is a SaaS platform for managing employee benefits and salary sacrifice. It allows employers to save time and knowledge in hiring and achieves a much greater penetration among employees thanks to its digitalization and flexibility.


It is a startup created in Madrid whose mission is to build the next-generation blockchain platform that allows the entire ecosystem to function under a single product. Its objective is the development of a platform that helps users to invest, manage portfolios, manage different solutions and use tokens. It provides an easy-to-use product that offers its full potential and eliminates obstacles for non-technological people who want to enter the investment ecosystem.


It is a blockchain-based financial services startup that offers a fully digital and smartphone-controlled custody solution for institutional investors, providing protection and maintenance of assets. Finoa operates with a secure and profitable infrastructure based on state-of-the-art banking standards.

Invisible Collector. It is a debt collection SaaS powered by AI that evaluates debtor information and executes the most efficient collection strategy through the best notification channels available at all times.


It is a platform to unify, simplify, manage and pay monthly water, gas, electricity and telecommunications services. Once the place of residence, the services to be managed and the preferences of each individual are indicated, Polaroo takes care of the rest and offers a personalized plan for the members of the house.


It is a fully digitalized, mobile and tax-free shopping solution for travelers and businesses alike. With the VAT refund, users can benefit from more time and money to spend on the things that really matter.

WorldWide Generation

It is a sustainable technology company whose objective is to help the resolution of poverty, inequality and climate change by accelerating the financing and fulfillment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by gathering data from governments, companies, financial institutions and organizations Nonprofit on a blockchain platform to create trust and transparency.