Do not try to change a system, build a new one that makes the previous one obsolete.
— Richard Buckminster Fuller - Inventor, Architect & Visionary

Our Mission

AREX Real Estate Technologies was born with a clear long term objective, to fully digitalize the transaction process end to end, transforming the Real Estate market into what the Financial Market is nowadays, a liquid, efficient and transparent market.

During the last century, Real Estate has been a sector dominated by informality, opacity and personal relations. Through the use of cutting edge technologies we aim to professionalize the market, resulting in a more seamless connection between supply and demand, an extra layer of security and the reduction of time and costs throughout the transaction process.

We are not the only ones to have this opinion, but the market professionals, companies and institutions that back us share our vision. Today we have the opportunity to change how things have been done so far. Today is the time to turn what used to be a slow, complex and unprofessional process into what the 21st century deserves. Real Estate. Simplified.

And this is what we do at AREX

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Why Blockchain?

Through the use of blockchain technology, companies can expect exponentially reduced costs in compliance, KYC/AML and asset listing, as well as increased transparency and legal certainty thanks to the immutability of our ledger.

Digital Identities will also allow us to provide investors and managers with an asset’s transaction history.