Real estate.


We use blockchain & artificial intelligence to digitalise, manage and close complex real estate transactions.




Distributed ledger that certifies and stores digital identities for both real estate assets and deal participants.


Real estate Smart Data room that will enable participants to store and validate documentation; as well as designing, planning and tracking deal workflow.


Deal consensus platform that integrates technology and legal aspects of the deal and transaction for full online completion and validity.


How it works.


The transaction process starts with the creation of digital identities on the Blockchain for every user and every asset. This is Arex Horos.

These identities will allow access and monitor your workflow through your Domus, your personal deal dashboard.

Finally, everything comes together in Antal, our deal execution platform, which will allow participants to close the deals online; faster, cheaper and in a more secure manner.

Horos, Domus and Antal come together in one seamless platform, with unprecedented user experience.

Clear, simple, secure.


What AREX will do for you


1. More deals, more revenues

Close deals faster.

Complete deals faster with added security and more efficient record-keeping. AREX will help you identify and tackle the main pain points in your deal making process. Spend time making deals that work for you, not other way around


2. New Security Standards

Leverage the security and transparency of distributed ledger technology

AREX sets an unparalleled standard for deal security to ensure participants are always in control and aware of every aspect of the ongoing deal. With tailored information privileges, participants will access information needed to perform their role and nothing more. The whole deal process is recorded on blockchain providing all participants with legal certainty and accountability.


3. Cut Costs

 …not corners. Save on both fixed and variable costs.

Stop using tools that were not designed to do what you use them for and address pain points in your deal-making process. Harness the power of a purposefully built platform that will give you the competitive advantage of doing more for less.




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